24 de abr de 2012

Tracklist do Cd Do Will.i.am (Rumor)

1. T.H.E [The Hardest Ever] (Featuring Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger)
2. Forever (Featuring Wolfgang Gartner)
3. Bleeding Roses (Featuring Alicia Keys)
4. Check It Out [Special Mix] (Featuring Nicki Minaj and Cheryl Cole)
5. Don’t Wanna Fall In Love Again (Featuring Demi Lovato)
6. Great Times
7. Bad Girl [It Ain't Her] (Featuring Taboo and Britney Spears)
8. Reach For the Skies (Featuring Shakira)
9. Mona Lisa Smile (Featuring Nicole Scherzinger)
10. Party Like An Animal (Featuring RedFoo and Eva Simons)
11. Reach Within Yourself (Featuring Capone, Natalia Kills and Junior Caldera)
12. Spit Fire
13. Masks [Behind the Scenes]
14. Go Home [T.H.E Remix] (Featuring Mick Jagger and Wolfgang Gartner)
15. Believer (Featuring Far East Movement)
16. Drop That [B.E.A.T]
17. Nothing Really Matters (Featuring David Guetta)
18. Lost & Found (Featuring Keri Hilson and Timbaland)
19. Hero [We Got It]
20. Black Einstein [Outro]

Comente! Beijos, Rafa...

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